Candidate Campaigns

Let voters connect with your campaign simply by saying the candidate name or slogan.  This can be used to solicit donations, build lists for “get out the vote” day, deliver links to videos, send alerts and registration links for rallies, and more.

Issues Advocacy Campaigns (“Call Your Congressman”)

Typical “Call Your Congressman” campaigns typically put the burden of finding the phone or email address of the congressman on the voter – but #250 can make it easy for voters to act on your appeal to reach out to their elected officials by simply dialing #250 & saying the name of the issue or pending legislation, e.g. “No on Prop 8”, “Save Our Waterways”, “Gun Rights”.  Furthermore, #250 provides the call volume tracking that is usually missing when you simply ask voters to call the office of the congressman – letting you measure the impact of your media spend.

“#250 has revolutionized our business by making Radio work again.”

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