#250 Delivers More Inbound Leads

1-800 or 10-Digit Phone Numbers Are Hard To Remember

Anyone can remember #250. Always the same number, #250 becomes hard-wired in customers’ minds just like 411 or 911.

Dominate Your Market by Owning Your Category Keywords

With #250, you can license a Spoken Keyword that defines your business category. For example, you can own #250 “PLUMBING” (or flowers, dentist, lasik, etc.) When people in your market dial #250 and say that category name, YOU get all the calls.

#250 Encourages Immediate Action

If someone is driving and listening to the radio and sees your truck, it is difficult in that moment to memorize a long phone number, to write it down, catch both a text number and keyword, or even search for a website. And if they try to search Google for you later, they may see your competitors in their search results.

Dialing #250 means they can contact you immediately, and you will be much easier to remember too.

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