“Just say our name & tell us your order.”  That’s zero friction.

Your restaurant’s mobile app will never by on more than 1% of your customers’ handsets – so why not create a way that anybody with a mobile phone can connect to an automated voice ordering system, just by saying your brand name?  Voice AI technology can now understand natural language, allowing you to open the phone order channel again, without needing employees to staff it.

#250’s partner in implementing “Voice Commerce” is VOICEplug of Silicon Valley.  They provide natural language voice interactivity for call centers, drive thrus, websites, and telephone order lines – now made easier by the use of #250 in place of 10 digit local phone numbers that have to be looked up.  #250 can deliver the calls to the nearest restaurant location to the caller.  Try out the beta for Goodcents sandwich shops:  Dial #250 & say “GOOD CENTS.”

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